Daily Archive: July 23, 2010


Revenge of the Nerds

The Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket Comic Con 2010 for some reason. (God probably hates anime.) The cosmic alliance of convention-goers responded by staging a counter-protest across the street with an appropriately high level of silliness. Pictures here....


Empire of Illusion Ch.2: Porn of the Living Dead

[Note: This post discusses the second chapter of the book Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges, which some of us are reading. It mainly discusses pornography in general, so I’d like to invite those...


My Immigration Dilemma

As someone who’s won the citizenship lottery (read: American born), I’m very reluctant to comment on immigration. But I do believe in certain mild restrictions on the influx of new arrivals, so here’s my...


Consider Phlebas

PHLEBAS the Phoenician, a fortnight dead, Forgot the cry of gulls, and the deep seas swell And the profit and loss.                           A current under sea Picked his bones in whispers. As he rose...


Joy, purpose, and the hard work of parenting

Rod Dreher, writing at his new digs at Big Questions Online, has this to say about parenting and happiness: “The loss of parental freedom is severe, and if young marrieds had any idea how...


The Twisting of Affirmative Action?

Without endorsing or disputing it (for personal reasons, there are important elements of Webb’s piece that I am not comfortable commenting upon) , I just want to say that this piece by Jim Webb in today’s Wall Street...

@My Other Blog

A bit of a satire, because it’s been too long.


A Penniless Aristocracy

This is why we should repeal the estate tax altogether for illiquid assets, and maybe do away with annual property taxes, too. The creation of a penniless aristocracy would benefit us all.