Daily Archive: July 2, 2010


Plato: Theaetetus and Arguing with Others

When we occupy ourselves with countering other people’s ideas, are we defining our own ideas in a roundabout way or just killing time? The Western style of argumentation includes a strong oppositional facet that...


The future of the American family

Reihan has a fascinating post looking at the future of the American family. Basically two different family types are taken into account. The first is the neo-traditional family, which Brad Wilcox explains thusly: I...


Charmed Life

I finished reading Diana Wynne Jones’s Charmed Life a few days ago. As far as young adult fantasy goes, it was quite good with more than a few unexpected twists. It wasn’t as funny...


Honor and the past

This might be the most ridiculous article to which I’ve ever taken the time to respond.  Seriously, I keep pausing and deleting, as though I was about to draw a larger lesson from an...


Salary Caps Are the Epitome of Capitalism

…Or at least that’s the takeaway I get from this remarkably idiotic attempt by Marc Thiessen to paint soccer as “socialist” because France.*  I realize this is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but this isn’t even good...

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