Daily Archive: July 6, 2010


Should we keep mini-posts?

[updated] We’ve used them less and less frequently, especially as we’ve drifted away from our original mission and our original conversational project. I almost never post mini-posts. And there’s really no reason why short...


Not Another Culture War!

“Figuring out how to restore growth and how to construct an effective but affordable safety net, are questions for debate, analysis, and democratic decision-making. My answers to those questions may differ from yours, but...


David Brooks and the Demand Siders

David Brooks is mostly making sense in his latest column. He’s absolutely correct that more and more indiscriminate stimulus spending is a dubious economic fix at best, and has long-term implications including new unfunded...


Childhood poverty in America

David Frum examines child poverty in America and also notes that economic mobility is not quite what it is sometimes made out to be compared to other developed nations. The below graph illustrates this...


Prop. 8 and the Future

Jonathan Capehart makes the case that if California’s Proposition 8 were to be struck down in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, we could expect a significant anti-SSM backlash, possibly including a federal constitutional amendment. Meanwhile, a...

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