Daily Archive: July 16, 2010


Liberaltarianism, Again

I’ve long argued that libertarianism, to the extent it is entitled to consider itself the heir to classical liberalism, has been corrupted by its long-standing affiliation with the American political Right.   Tim Lee makes...


Proving Freddie’s Point

In his discussion with Scott the other day, Freddie wrote, in a since-much-cited quote: When conservatives argue, they say, “my position is the really conservative one.” When liberals argue, they often still say, “my...


My Latest Examiner Opinion Zone Piece

“John Stagliano faces prison for perhaps the rest of his life. Will putting him there save even a single pair of innocent eyeballs? And for how many milliseconds? Is that a trade-off we’re happy...


Immigration and Preemption

Transplanted Lawyer has an important follow-up to his guest-post last week on whether the Arizona immigration law is Constitutionally preempted.  TL suggests that the arguments advanced by the Obama Administration may not be likely to succeed, while...

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