Daily Archive: July 30, 2010

What’s So Bad About Trig Trutherism?

I just don’t get the hostility to Trig Trutherism.  Over on Volokh, Dave Kopel takes Human Events to task for publishing a column arguing that Obama is a Muslim.  Kopel quite properly warns that...

Eighty-$#@*-Four Percent

Jamelle, covering Netroots Nation at The American Prospect’s blog, writes: The Netroots Nation straw poll, conducted during the conference by Revolution Messaging, shows President Obama with an approval rating of 84 percent among the...

The war on flowers

Let’s call this an open thread. Happy Friday!

The National Popular Vote Initiative

Steven Taylor notes that Massachusetts has become the latest state to sign on to the National Popular Vote Initiative and proceeds to shred the usual claims that the Initiative is inconsistent with the spirit...

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