Daily Archive: November 28, 2011


Opposite day at the League!

There is a semi-grand blogospheric pseudo–tradition called opposite day. On opposite day… atheists do their best to argue that theism is correct and the theists do their best to argue that atheism is correct. Perhaps...


Religious Diversity Rocks

RTod’s post reminded me of this story. When I was in the second grade, there were three Jewish kids in our class. They didn’t celebrate Christmas. Now, in the first grade this didn’t mean...


We interrupt this blog for a short commercial break

A project update, in no particular order: We formed a new company for the build: The Montauk Catamaran Company, LLC We move into our build-space — a barn in Bridgehampton — at the end...


Joy and Rediscovering the Muppets

This weekend, we took our daughter to see The Muppets, her first time watching a movie in a theater.  We chose the movie because we figured it would at least be tolerable for we...

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