Daily Archive: November 20, 2011


We’re Asking the Wrong Hiring Questions

(photo: Random people of different genders and ethnic backgrounds take time to do board-of-directory things.)   Good news! My company has just invited you to have a seat on its Board of Directors. Congratulations!...


Romney’s Going Big in Iowa

One wonders how much the rise of Newtmentum influenced this decision: The answer to one of the great lingering questions about the Republican presidential race has suddenly turned up here along Ingersoll Avenue, where...


An Aspirational Quiz

Inspired by Tod Kelly’s claim that we U.S. Americans are really closer to one another politically than we think, following is a quiz. All remarks are taken from the speeches of either John McCain...


Borrowing our way to prosperity.

Nassim Talib asserting (among other things) that the Fed will not be around in 25 years. We anticipate (hope!) the construction of the charter sailing catamaran Mon Tiki will take 4-6 months. Aside from...

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