Daily Archive: November 22, 2011


Copyright isn’t just for music and movies.

As noted earlier, I am in the midst of a career change. I started my life as a professional photographer mostly creating commissioned works under various licensing agreements and for the last decade have been...


Theocratic Quips Less Scary Than Advertised

I’m enjoying the process of deflagging quotes. Today, I came across an article on Slate describing what are portrayed as theocratic tendencies among Republican Presidential candidates. So without referencing the original Slate article with...


Pray That All Their Pain Be Champagne

Well I do, anyway. The economist Justin Wolfers tweeted an interesting poll result yesterday, from Kaiser (though I’m having trouble finding it at the moment): As far as you are concerned, do we have...


Murali’s Democratic Impossibility Theorem

Ladies and Gentlemen this being the latest in a round of posts on democracy, is going to be long. I also promise that it will be bizarre. I would like to talk about two...

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