Daily Archive: November 8, 2011


Nothing succeeds like repeated failure

While it’s long been conventional wisdom on the Left that the Republican Party is doing whatever it can to ensure the economy stays horrid just long enough for the President to lose his reelection...


Ibsen’s “Ghosts” of long dead values

Currently, the Soul Pepper Theatre in Toronto’s distillery district is staging Ibsen’s Ghosts; thus one can safely dissect the hypocrisies of the 19th century Norwegian bourgeoisie in the happy company of the 21st century...


Fantasy and High Fantasy

Alyssa Rosenberg and Adam Serwer both have responses up to my post on fantasy and the Anglosphere. Adam correctly notes that what I’m writing about in particular is “high fantasy” – a sub-genre of...


The dangers and the promise of a strong central state

I have a long(ish) piece up at Forbes asking liberals to take the civil liberties record of Barack Obama more seriously – I’m basically riffing off of this excellent piece by Conor Friedersdorf at The...


College is a Consumption Good

Blunt Object writes: Looking at Alex Tabarrok’s data, it seems that (a) college enrollment is up by about 50% over the past 25 years, and (b) most of the increase has come in “soft”...

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