Daily Archive: November 10, 2011


Please Don’t Pass Me By (A Disgrace)

  Now I know that you’re sitting there deep in your velvet seats and you’re thinking “Uh, he’s up there saying something that he thinks about, but I’ll never have to sing that song.”...


Is Mitt Romney the luckiest guy in the country?

Inevitably meme, enter stage right: Rick Perry’s remarkable meltdown in front of millions of people on national television Wednesday night adds to the growing sense of inevitability for Mitt Romney — if only because...


Veterans Day

On January 23rd, 1941, Ory and Ethel (Lettie) Freeland signed the following: “We the undersigned, being the father and mother of Maurice H. Freeland, a minor, an applicant for enlistment in the United States...


The Choices We Make…and Don’t Make

I found Ryan Bonneville’s post this morning on the horrible events at Penn State to be highly appropriate.  Especially this: I don’t know what the solution is. Taking membership in these institutions with a...


A Legacy Tarnished

Last night, after a week of horrifying revelations, Penn State’s Board of Trustees decided to show Joe Paterno the door (along with university president Graham Spanier). If you haven’t yet, you should read E.D....


Six Quick Post-Debate Observations

(Photo: The exact moment when Rick Perry’s Presidential ambitions died.) Some quick observations about tonight’s debate: Observation #1 – Anti-Government Rhetoric Is Apparently Just That – Rhetoric If there was one universal constant –...

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