Daily Archive: November 3, 2011

Communitarianism and a free-standing theory of justice.

Fellow Gentleman Tom Van Dyke recently wrote the following: For if I were an atheist member of Congress, I’d still follow GWash on the political and social utility of religion.  No big deal.  Religion,...

For Greginak

Greg asks, “How many people get here from Milf-o-rama.com?” (cheekily) Our referrers for the last week:

Would you vote for Obamacare?

I thought we’d take Patrick’s post below and give it a much more straightforward twist. Feel free to explain your vote in the comments, but you have to vote! The poll will run for...

Sound Off

Koz has made an assertion that the League is overwhelmingly in favor of PPACA. I found this odd, since it seemed to me that the members who most frequently comment were at best “not...

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