Daily Archive: November 15, 2011


Drakensang Online!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you  a free MMO RPG with brilliant graphics and fairly decent gameplay. Check this out!  



I have been doing some sifting through some old posts from before my time, as we prepare for what I now think of as Project Rufus.  I came upon this post from Erik on...


An observation

I am at an airport and the internet is very slow. So far the only site that is not slow, not refusing to load, is The League. I cannot follow any of the many...


A kiwi looks at the US top 1%

The ever-interesting Matt Nolan looks at the income of the Us top 1% and suggests some of the change may have been income reporting after tax changes in 1986.  Perhaps Reagan was to blame...


OWS: Time to Grow Up

(Photo of “An empty Zuccotti Park” by @jimbradysp via Andrew Sullivan) Yesterday, Elias Isquith asked what should occupy Wall Street do next?  His own answer is that OWS should rally against “voter suppression.”  Doing so, Isquith...

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