Daily Archive: November 21, 2011


Who Occupies the Occupiers?

I’m glad Mike Drew wrote a guest post. Mike’s comments are consistently the ones I meditate over most (which explains why I rarely respond to them while the thread is still active.), and Mike’s...


Help Wanted

Following on to Ethan’s post from earlier today about the dire job market, and Tod Kelly’s about asking the right hiring questions, I thought I’d let you all know that The Montauk Catamaran Company...



Today’s XKCD puts the infographic magic on Money. Since people are really bad, generally, at wrapping their heads around really big numbers, I recommend.


The short and sweet life of Community

A funny thing happened with Community last week. Someone noticed that NBC hadn’t listed it on its midseason lineup. In its spot was 30 Rock, finally coming back from hiatus. Panic among Community fans...


On Student Debt and Youth Unemployment

Derek Thompson of The Atlantic has written extensively about the current recession.  As he notes, young people are having an especially rough time making ground in the workforce right now.  Students are graduating “$23,000 in...


To Whom?

Andrew Sullivan has a neat little post that brings up the topic of Intragalactic Ethics. There is a link to a Josh Rothman column that points out: There’s a long pro-terraforming tradition (especially among...