Daily Archive: November 18, 2011


Weekend Jukebox/Open Thread

As Rufus’s nostalgia seems to have prompted my invitation to join this august company, and Mark has furthered the veer into nostalgia with his History of the LoOG post, this seems appropriate: Sadly, there’s...


Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action: the 1% Strikes Back

While the behavior of the NYPD has been heavy-handed and disproportionate since the Occupy movement’s very start, the violence and lawlessness that characterized the actions of the police yesterday was extraordinary. Thankfully, the countless...


In which the rogue becomes in officer and a gentleman.

  Hello again gents and ladies, ordinary and otherwise. Apparently my guest posts– here about consumerism, hope and happiness; and here about the (necessarily?) contradictory and frustrating aspects of government regulation – have been...