Daily Archive: December 8, 2009

Dear Uganda,

Please listen to Jason Kuznicki.

The Sound of Settling

A few days ago, Jamelle took a shot at “The Office”: It is actively painful to watch clueless mediocrities trudge through their jobs animated by little more than their mutual disdain and acrimony.  And...

Today’s Must Read

Tony Karon’s 5 Flawed Assumptions in Obama’s Afghan Strategy.

“Racism.” As Defined by Clueless Conservatives

(cross-posted from the United States of Jamerica) Patterico, a conservative blogger, describes his “pontifications” as “harangues that make sense.”  Assuming the definition of sense has remained relatively constant, this can’t possibly be the case. ...

Climate Change and the Plague

An interesting nugget from The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire [page 91]: Climatology is now infected by partisan polemics, but ice core studies that show rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere over...


Elrod at The Moderate Voice, writing in response to criticisms of Obama’s Afghanistan strategy for setting a withdrawal date, argues:  (h/t Matt Duss at WonkRoom): Quite simply, the Taliban does not have the luxury...

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