Daily Archive: December 10, 2009


quote of the day

“The most important dividing line between “ancient” and “medieval” – the profoundest marker of the “fall of Rome” was not a matter of language or culture, of the shift from togas to tunics or...


cart & buggy

Lately I find the real distinction between old and new media most obvious when comparing blogs to op/ed columns.  Really, I enjoy Ross Douthat’s blog at the New York Times so much more than...


conservatives as self-parodies

This interview with Andy Schlafly [below] of conservapedia.com is hard to watch.  It’s almost embarrassing.  I think Colbert is at his best for most of the exchange, and the zinger about creating his own reality...


Why gay marriage is (probably) still inevitable

In the wake of several high profile setbacks, a recent Politico article casts doubt on one of the gay marriage movement’s core assumptions: namely, that public acceptance of same-sex partnerships is an inevitability. I...


Party like it’s 2004

Victor Davis Hanson won’t give up the fight: The president apparently does not realize that in Iraq too there was a coalition, that the Iraq War was approved by both houses of Congress on...

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