Daily Archive: December 22, 2009


Holiday Movie Recommendation

Our end-of-year movie podcast featured plenty of spirited argument, but one point of unanimous agreement was the excellence of “The Hurt Locker,” which manages to do justice to the Iraq War without lapsing into...


No Condescending Voyeurism Here!

Seriously, read The New York Times on Jersey Shore. Do you think the paper’s audience is on the verge of imitating the show’s participants? Or are they tuning in for cheap mockery?


Why I’m supporting the Senate HCR bill

The Senate bill isn’t perfect.  It builds upon many things in our system that we’d do better simply doing away with.  It isn’t as fiscally sound as many would like, and I’m not at...


Podcast: Holiday Movie Edition

Blogging is going to be pretty slow around these parts for the next few days, but before everyone disconnects for Christmas, we’ve got a year-in-review movie podcast for your enjoyment. I’m joined by Freddie...