Daily Archive: December 9, 2009


O Crucified Tree, O Crucified Tree

What with it being The Office and War on Christmas week here at The League, I thought I would respond to Jamelle’s post on the CHRIST-mas tree (which you should definitely check out). Now...


Short, controversial post: War on Christmas edition

Local schools should be allowed to decide whether or not to put on Christmas pageants that include the birth of Jesus Christ, the three wisemen, Mary, Joseph, and the whole nativity event.


The Office, Individualism, and the American Dream

Will has a good response to Jamelle’s reaction to The Office. Both posts got me thinking. Jamelle mentions ambition, and being “an ambitious guy” in his post. That’s key. Will mentions being a little...


The War on Pluralism Christmas

(cross-posted from the United States of Jamerica) This is a little ridiculous (via Dara’s Google Reader feed): Boss Creations, a new holiday decor company, has introduced the new “CHRIST-mas” Tree, featuring the unique trait...


The “Practical Christianity” of the Welfare State

Via First Things, The Acton Institute’s PowerBlog discusses the Christian origins of the welfare state: The church helped to bring about the welfare state in two ways. First, the Church embodied the idea of...


Breaking up is hard to do

Good stuff on breaking up the banks from The Baseline Scenario. I find the idea of hard GDP caps on bank growth pretty attractive, both because this avoids another layer of needlessly complex financial...