Daily Archive: December 16, 2009

The Best Cover of All Time, Volume XVI

At the risk of “los[ing] serious street cred with [his] friends,” Mike D. nominates Glee’s (admittedly catchy) cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” and Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne covering the Bee Gees’ “To Love...

Yes, an insurance mandate is a tax

In a rare moment of bipartisan convergence, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama continue to insist that forcing people to buy health insurance is not a tax. Unfortunately, they’re both wrong. Very wrong.

The Best Cover of All Time, Volume XV

Here’s an eclectic bunch: Via email, Schuyler nominates Mike Posner covering Beyonce’s “Halo”; Mike nominates Dennis Brown’s reggae version of “Little Green Apples”; Scott O submits Tricky’s trippy cover of Public Enemy’s “Black Steel...

Jersey Shore

No, I haven’t watched the show. Yes, its (fleeting) cultural footprint is inescapable. But I do want to discuss reality television in light of Jonah Goldberg’s latest column, which makes  a bunch of smart...

The Other Echo Chamber

Daniel Larison takes a few lumps for resisting knee-jerk opposition to the war in Afghanistan.

Misconceptions of presidential disapproval

Allahpundit jumps on the Obama-approval-ratings-are-dropping bandwagon and, like most conservatives who try to interpret the data, totally misses the point: More than 60 percent of indies disapprove of his handling of health care and the...

Blame Canada

Okay people.  It’s time for all of you to pile on Scott and Chris.  Turns out they’re the bad guys in the whole climate change kerfuffle: