Daily Archive: December 23, 2009

Shrewd Sarah Palin/Gullible Media

I’ve argued before, and I will continue to argue, that there is nothing terribly unique about Sarah Palin as a politician other than the way in which her opponents and the media play right...

A united progressive/tea-party front

I can see where Jane Hamsher’s tea-party/populist left united front thing could seem appealing as a movement against something (the no-good politicians in Congress and their corporate special-interest shenanigans).  

Formulating a Reliable Detainee Policy

Will asked me to comment on this op-ed by Jack Goldsmith and Benjamin Wittes pleading with Congress and the President to formulate clear rules regarding detention policy in the War on Terror. Although I...

A few more thoughts on why I support the healthcare bill

David Brooks has several good reasons why people should support the healthcare bill – and in true David Brooks fashion, he also offers some reasons why the bill is not good.  Chief among these:...

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