Daily Archive: December 2, 2009


Meanwhile, at True/Slant

I defend consumerism, talk about California and the filibuster, grumble a bit about climate change, and explain why I think it makes more sense to give back the $1 million dollars it costs to...


Quote for the Day

From Huffpo: Zbigniew Brzezinski also cautioned that it would be hypocritical and counterproductive for America to stress that Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s government be purged of corruption.


U.S.A. Trilogy update.

The American Scene announced this season as Fall of the USA, and I had high hopes that we’d be treated to cornucopia upon cornucopia of reflections on John Dos Passos’s USA Trilogy. Alas, it’s...



I was going to write a longer post on this, but one interesting consequence of Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan (a decision I support, however tentatively) is the ad hoc redrawing...


Common Sense

Damon Linker on appeals to common sense in American politics is worth reading, even if he overlooks the fact that like all rhetorical tropes, celebrating the intuition of the American people is a thoroughly...