Dear Uganda,



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7 Responses

  1. Avatar North says:

    Maybe we should ask Rick Warren to roll his pudgy ass over there and talk to them since he has such longstanding ties with their clergy. Then again that probably wouldn’t help since he seems approving of the principle even if he’s unhappy about the optics. If they actually sign their bill into law maybe Obama can go over and show us a little of that fierce advocacy he was talking about when he was stalking gay campaign contributions, volunteers and votes. The knowledge that a nickel or two of the money they’re receiving us came from me is stomach turning.Report

  2. Avatar Scott says:

    Who cares? It is their country and their laws.Report

    • Avatar North in reply to Scott says:

      It’s our dime.Report

      • Avatar Scott in reply to North says:

        And you are willing to let them stave if that happens with no aid?Report

        • Avatar Bayesian in reply to Scott says:

          Well, since as you noted upthread, it’s their country, I should think we should let the Ugandans stave or not according to their own choices, laws, etc. Perhaps the Ugandan constitution has an amendment protecting the right to bear staves, or for that matter to stave bears (bears of the ursine type are not native to Africa; surely applying staves to bears of the homosexual type is fully in keeping with traditional Ugandan family values).

          If, on the other hand, some poorer Ugandans find themselves starving as a result of the hypothetical aid cutoff, starving is of course a traditional Ugandan value and I’m sure the Ugandan starvers will be much reassured by the fact that nobody will dare be aggressively homosexual around them while they starve.

          Seriously for a moment, I’m not sure what the point of your original comment – “who cares?” – was, beyond trollery and/or subtly/deniably expressing your support of the proposed laws. North expressed disgust at his (I think you’re a guy, North) tax dollars slightly funding what he considers an abominable regime, rather like many on the right have worked hard to (try to) ensure that their tax dollars don’t slightly fund abortion. And isn’t your (=Scott) own point that it should be up to Ugandans to make their own choice about whether keeping those horrible gays in the closet is worth giving up whatever aid they get from the US govt? Besides, assuming Uganda actually does pass something resembling the proposed laws (I don’t have an informed opinion about how likely that is), I fear the chance of the Democrats discover that they actually are vertebrates and having the US Govt expressing anything stronger than mild peeve is pretty miniscule. And if somehow that were to happen – fat chance – Uganda should then find itself awash in (American) private sector contributions supporting its brave stand, right?

          It’s not as if, in the original comment at least, North is calling for invading/bombing Uganda, or launching a coup there, or even calling for a trade embargo. Pretty mild stuff compared to how the modal chickenhawk responds to a regime he really dislikes.Report

        • Avatar North in reply to Scott says:

          To paraphrase you, who cares? It’s their country and their economy. Let them eat scripture.

          Now of course the fact that their social crusaders learned the trade from the ones here in the states may perhaps be prevalent, or maybe the mild tut-tutting at best coming from the right may be something to care about. Maybe the mask has slipped a little for a moment revealing the cold reptilian principles underneath. But setting that aside and embracing milder principles I’ll restrain myself to stating that I’d prefer that they fund their inhuman religious tyranny on their own (and yes I’m opposed to tax payer funding of abortion).

          Oh and yes I’m a guy.Report

  3. Avatar Scott says:

    Well, I would be more than happy to zero out our foreign aid and let them do whatever they want on their own dime. Sadly, that is not going to happen.Report