Daily Archive: December 3, 2009


Fascinating photos of the improbable city.

The Manhattan Declaration

Well, this is the trajectory of the modern Christian right.  Its leaders have signed this declaration, further entwining religion and politics, and further entrenching the culture wars in the useless “us against them” language...

Speaking of dirty hands

Stephen Walt tallies the human cost of US interventionism in the Middle East. Some people will inevitably misinterpret this as a strained argument for moral equivalence, but read the whole, caveat-laden post before you...

Dirty Hands Revisited

A while back, William Brafford wrote about Michael Walzer, author of “Political Action: The Problem of Dirty Hands,” and the issue of torture. Walzer revisits his article in an interview here.

Late Night Question

Arises via Ta-Nehisi Coates. When discussing Dragon Age, he refers to a potential for (human) man on (male) elf action in the game as gay/homosexual which I guess is right. Or at least half-right. ...