Daily Archive: December 4, 2009


The Anti-Broder Center

Mark: Something I’ve been noticing lately is that the perjorative “centrist” has been getting applied with increasing regularity to an entirely new group of people by both left and right. Historically, it’s been a...


Trajectory and the Manhattan Declaration.

Esteemed Ordinary Gentleman E.D. reads the Manhattan Declaration and remarks: “Well, this is the trajectory of the modern Christian right.” Actually, not quite. The trajectory of the modern Christian right isn’t totally clear right...


TV Blogging: The Office

Meghan Keane really, really doesn’t like the direction The Office is headed.  I’m a little confused by some of her points, though.  Like this: Jim and Pam getting married did more than give Michael...


Liveblogging the World Cup Draw

So it looks like the US’ recent history of bad fortune in the World Cup draw is going to continue, as they draw England as the seeded team in their group, while hated rival...


No philosophical underpinning

Here’s Helen Rittelmeyer on Charles Johnson’s grand departure from “the right”: Apostasy pieces are never about delivering your former comrades from the grip of dreadful error. They’re about showing off how much more enlightened...

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