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Evergreen posts that exemplify what Ordinary Times is all about.

the faith

One Is the Loneliest Number

If there is not a one atop the denominator, there is no longer a declaration of The Faith; instead, adherents are reduced to arguing probabilities.


An Ode to Pants, Recently Departed

Searching for solace on the untimely demise of a good pair of pants, and seeking refuge in the famous laments of literature.

Religious Populists

An Origin Story of Religious Populists

If evangelical political thought wasn’t formed within the broad swath of the conservative press, where was it formed?

California Wildfires

The Need Is For Light

How often do we get the chance to link our discomfort with an apocalyptic orange sky to a decades-old sci-fi novel?


West Virginia, Mountain Mama

So much is happening right now that it’s hard to pay attention to any one particular thing, particularly my implausible escapades.


Dancing with the Asterisms

Asterisms, personified as so many lords and queens, rule us, but they do not govern with a static scepter. The scepter is a prop, a baton, in truth, as they dance.

George Floyd protests

On Not Wanting to Rest Content

When the George Floyd incident first happened, you could almost feel where this was going. With the release of the bodycam footage, here we are.


A Tale of Two Resignation Letters

I’ve rubbed elbows with enough board members, who tend to skew old, rich, and patronizing the hired help, to take Kelli Morgan’s account at face value


“Hamilton” and the False Choice

The play “Hamilton” offers us a false choice between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. But the two are morally equivalent.

The Misguidance Of Clark Kent

The following story is meant to be humorous, and is not intended to represent men of steel or any other alloy for that matter.


I Miss Prayer

It is completely banal in its utter ordinariness, and it is vital for precisely that reason. Prayer provides us with value and meaning in a desperate age.


There Are No Bad People

Bigotry was not a life sentence, it was a decision people made, and so it was possible to choose something different. You could choose to change.


There Are No Better People

Superheroes aren’t real. All we have is people, and trading one group for another is not and never will be a cure for systemic flaws