Monthly Archive: February 2016

Trump is the Mythological Reagan

Republicans have crafted a caricature of Ronald Reagan that has now been given form in Donald Trump.

KJ Update

The tension between Kiryas Joel and Monroe, NY continues.


The Oscars are tonight! (Did you print out your scorecard yet?)

How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable | Rolling Stone

The first thing you notice at Donald Trump’s rallies is the confidence. Amateur psychologists have wishfully diagnosed him from afar as insecure, but in person the notion seems absurd. Donald Trump, insecure? We should...

July 8, 1958: Casey Stengel Testifies Before Congress

Well, I will tell you, I got a little concerned yesterday in the first three innings when I say the three players I had gotten rid of and I said when I lost nine what am I going to do and when I had a couple of my players. I thought so great of that did not do so good up to the sixth inning I was more confused but I finally had to go and call on a young man in Baltimore that we don’t own and the Yankees don’t own him, and he is going pretty good, and I would actually have to tell you that I think we are more the Greta Garbo type now from success.

Casey Stengel Testimony : July 8, 1958 Senate Anti-Trust and Monopoly Subcommittee Hearing, Baseball Almanac


On the games that don’t work on your computer anymore.

South Carolina, Democratic Bellwether | Dissent

Nonetheless, the South Carolina primary has the potential to serve as a referendum on African-American support for the Democratic Party. Republicans of course long ago gave up on even trying to pursue African-American voters,...

Linky Friday #155: Fear

This week: Money, Crime, Government, Nature, Health, Brains!


On the counter-intuitive first weighing of the low carb diet.

Future Horrible Practices

Mike Dwyer considers what things we take for granted today that will horrify our kids someday.