Monthly Archive: February 2016

KJ Update

The tension between Kiryas Joel and Monroe, NY continues.


The Oscars are tonight! (Did you print out your scorecard yet?)

July 8, 1958: Casey Stengel Testifies Before Congress

Well, I will tell you, I got a little concerned yesterday in the first three innings when I say the three players I had gotten rid of and I said when I lost nine what am I going to do and when I had a couple of my players. I thought so great of that did not do so good up to the sixth inning I was more confused but I finally had to go and call on a young man in Baltimore that we don’t own and the Yankees don’t own him, and he is going pretty good, and I would actually have to tell you that I think we are more the Greta Garbo type now from success.

Casey Stengel Testimony : July 8, 1958 Senate Anti-Trust and Monopoly Subcommittee Hearing, Baseball Almanac


On the games that don’t work on your computer anymore.

South Carolina, Democratic Bellwether | Dissent

Nonetheless, the South Carolina primary has the potential to serve as a referendum on African-American support for the Democratic Party. Republicans of course long ago gave up on even trying to pursue African-American voters,...


On the counter-intuitive first weighing of the low carb diet.