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  1. Damon says:

    Far Cry 4 was that game for me. I sprung for the full expansion packs too. Probably 60+ USD. D/L the game, hours later I find out I need a QUAD core cpu. Welp, little old pc is only dual core, so not for me. Two years later, or more, I finally spring for a new machine. Should have read the info more, but now, I’m good.

    Now if I could only get my old printer to work on windows 10. ARRRRRGReport

  2. El Muneco says:

    After inadvertently launching a massive “franchises: reboot or new property” thread, I felt morally obliged to purchase SUPERHOT, which was just released.

    For those who haven’t been introduced, let me explain – no, there is no time, let me sum up. It’s a FPS with no story and no (well, extremely stylized) graphics – what it has is an aesthetic and a mechanic.

    The mechanic is that, when you’re not moving, nothing is moving (or moving only trivially). So, basically, fights go like Neo and Trinity in the lobby on the way to rescue Morpheus. You can literally dodge bullets, and in the time your pistol takes to chamber the next round, you can read the body language of your next target.

    The aesthetic is a retro cyberpunk – similar to Max Headroom, only with DOS rather than manual typewriters.

    Since there’s no story to speak of – no narrative, just an arc of progress, the main campaign takes about two hours of game time (how much real time it takes depends on how many times you fail and restart). Full price (or a 10% discount, which is what it is on now) is about 20 bucks, which makes it about the same as a first-run movie unless you really love it and go on into “endless” mode a la Diablo 3.

    I’ve only played a little less than an hour, but I’m taken with it so far. IMO, the mechanic works as advertised. It’s a FPS with no twitching whatsoever – just the opposite, in fact – you might even get too much time to think about your next move (but then, that’s part of the aesthetic).Report