Daily Archive: April 3, 2013


Sailing Montauk Has a New Look for the 2013 Season

You want to know something funny? It’s my wife, not me, who is the paid, published author. Yeah, I’ve got my bylines at The Atlantic, two different bylines in fact. But it’s my wife...


Playing With Constitutional Fire

A few days ago I broke down a case from the Ninth Circuit permitting sectarian prayers at the opening of city council meetings for a city in California. In 2011, the Fourth Circuit reached...


Yet Another Problem With NCAA Athletics

I can’t give this the full treatment I’d like to at this point, but I’d be remiss to not comment on what’s been going on with Rutgers mens basketball head coach Mike Rice.


Marriage Isn’t For Everyone…

…And apparently, David Brooks isn’t a suitable candidate since he seems to think it is somehow an ironic thing for gays and lesbians to request: