Daily Archive: April 21, 2013


Barack Obama – a Natural British Conservative

by Brian John Spencer Margaret Thatcher is revered by the Republican Party. However, with the passing of the Iron Lady has come a stark realisation: just how far apart the two conservative traditions on...


In The First Circle Bookclub!

(Our kickoff post is here, and our discussion posts are here and here.) The story of how Solzhenitsyn edited The First Circle from the 96-chapter version (the black version) to the 87-chapter version (the red version)...


Redefining Limits: The Hidden Value of Hard

Some of you may recall how taken I was with the coverage of the Bounty hearings by Mario Vittone at gCaptain. I wondered, “Who is this guy who writes so knowledgeably and compassionately about...


Immigration Reform’s Big Tent

Here’s a pretty good New York Times piece on whether or how the Boston Marathon bombing has affected their views on immigration reform. (It’s got a touch of Jane Goodall with the plebes; but,...

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