Daily Archive: April 22, 2013


The Other Half of New York City

For anyone living in New York City, or even vaguely familiar with the city and its mayor, this is not surprising news. But it’s still unwelcome: The rise in New York City’s poverty rate...



Without discussing the merits of the entire article, I’d just like to say that this makes my head ache: “When you have a lower-level job, being exceptionally good at it is usually a deterrent...


What Joe Paterno and Kermit Gosnell Have In Common

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been following the whole story on the role of the media concerning abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. There’s a lot to said about media ethics and double standards. Last...


Maybe Barbie was a Scientist

You know that old high school lament, I’m not going to use math in real life? Apparently, you’re not going to use it in science either:

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