Daily Archive: April 23, 2013

Dr. Frankenstein Crafts a New Party

Some time ago I announced I was switching my party affiliation to Independent. Five months later a sort of personal malaise about politics has settled into my bones and I pay attention to public...

The Ghost of Self-Deportation

Check out the video above, if you can, to see Senator Durbin have a relatively congenial back-and-forth with Kansas Secretary of State (and intellectual star of the anti-immigration reform lobby) Kris Kobach over DREAMers...

Vive La France!

Félicitations, nos amis. C’est la triomphe de la liberté, égalité, et l’amour. Célébrer et soyez joyeux!

America’s Back, Baby!

In the context of my other post on Sullivan I wanted to highlight something else he penned recently:

What’s the Matter with Susie?

We do a lot of voting in my class.  It helps kids learn about the democratic process and all that crap.  When we do it, I usually talk about motivations for making a particular...