Daily Archive: April 25, 2013

Why Matt Yglesias Is Wrong About Bangladesh

If Matt Yglesias sneezes you can bet there’s going to be a chorus of left-of-center tweeters ready to unleash a tidal wave of vitriol and scorn. So go ahead and guess how ugly things...


Some Rules Don’t Have Exceptions

Amongst the outrageous outrages being spread the last few days about the treatment of the Boston bombing suspect is that he was purportedly “prematurely Mirandized” by a federal magistrate judge at his initial hearing...


Nuggets of Information

Posted without comment: Saskatchewan professor wants to dig deep into the health benefits of nose picking.

Why Senator Heitkamp Voted Against Manchin-Toomey

Loath as I am to link to POLITICO, this is an interesting report on North Dakota freshman Senator Heidi Heitkamp and why she voted against Manchin-Toomey. If we take Heitkamp at her word (and I know...