Daily Archive: April 26, 2013


The Possum’s Friday Afternoon Jukebox

George “No-Show” Jones, the Cadillac of country music, stopped loving her today.  He was 81.  Tonight I’m gonna find myself a Jim Beam decanter that looks like Elvis, pull up a great big piece...


The End of Realignment

The ACC has announced a Grant of Rights deal for conference-members to 2027. What this technically means is that any team that leaves the ACC between now and then does not retain the TV...


Mon Ticket*

This is me and USCG Safety Inspector Giles Loftin, at the (successful) conclusion of today’s inspection. Mon Tiki is now officially a Inspected Passenger Vessel! Thanks to the Gents, writers and readers both, for...


Split Personality

Sane, father Kazzy looks at Mayonnaise and thinks, “He’s starting to sleep through the night… that’s great!  And his circumcision wasn’t botched… yes!  And he has my face but Zazzy’s red hair… ehhhh.  But...


Paris In A Day Jukebox and Open Thread

I’m pretty fundamentally a “staycation” guy, at heart, but this song makes me want to hop on a plane. My favorite part of the song is the “A thousand stairs up the Pompadou/We were...

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