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The Biden Era 38

Electoral Trends: Into The Biden Era

Which party’s electoral trends will benefit during the Biden era? Honestly, I can see trends on either side continuing or snapping away from either party

Donald Trump 36

Trump Concedes, Kind of

President Trump has released another video message, and this one is probably as close to a concession speech as we are going to get.

Capitol riot 299

The Destructive High Water Mark of MAGA

It was all under control, you see, so carefully planned. The Show of Shows on this Day of Days for the Make America Great Again faithful.

impeachment 63

Impeach Him, Tonight

A rule that allows presidents to do whatever they want as long as they don’t have very much time remaining in office is a bad one with many easily foreseeable downsides.

Donald and Dragons 43

Paging Dr. Kübler-Ross

Burt Likko compares the bizarre subversion-of-democracy fantasies of Trump supporters with the actual law, and is unimpressed.

suburbs 95

Crossing the Suburbicon

The GOP got absolutely raked over the coals in the suburbs. Shellacked! Taken to the woodshed! Other metaphors!

Donald Trump 38

All the President’s Myths

We believe numbers. They convey an authority that seems objective. But numbers can also reflect the biases & deceptions of those who produce them.