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  1. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    I am hoping to go to the movies on Friday night. My attendance has been terrible this summer, probably driven by the fact that the movie selection hasn’t been super-exciting. I want to see Planet of the Apes though.

    Saturday morning should be interesting. I am going to one of the farms I hunt on to get a guided tour of the 200 year-old house that is on the property. Pretty excited about that but maybe equally excited that they will also be artificially-inseminating a bunch of their cattle and I have never seen it done in person. For some weird reason I find it fascinating so I will probably ask the vet a lot of dumb questions and mostly be an annoyance.

    The rest of the weekend will be devoted to chores. The weather has been glorious here (mid-70s) and so I am going to get the yard in top shape and maybe do a little exterior painting. Autumn will be here before you know it.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      We’ve been getting just the tiniest corner of the polar vortex and it’s been *WONDERFUL*. I wore long sleeves today and was still the tiniest bit chilly.

      I can’t wait for autumn. Last year, I had to spend my autumn and winter in Annapolis and my timing was such that when it snowed in Colorado, I was in Annapolis and vice versa. If we have half as much precipitation this winter as we’ve had this summer, we’re talking snow day from work territory.Report

    • Avatar KatherineMW says:

      Went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes the other day – it’s really good. First really good movie I’ve seen this summer (it’s been a disappointing year for film, especially with Snowpiercer not in any nearby theatres).Report

  2. Avatar Kazzy says:


    Boy’s night around the fire tomorrow.. Scotch, cigars… yes.

    Saturday, we’re trekking down to Jersey City for a rooftop pool party.

    Sunday, we go see/steal a friend’s new baby.Report

  3. Avatar veronica d says:

    Looks like a gorgeous weekend coming, so I’ll probably go dancing and do math. 🙂Report

  4. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Well, the rest of the weekend is going to be more hard work getting my Mom’s house ready to sell, and the 500-mile drive home, but this evening was lots of fun watching the community theater production of “Annie” at this lovely little outdoor amphitheater in the Omaha suburbs. Even better, the weather this week has been freakishly cool for eastern Nebraska in July.Report

  5. Avatar Will Truman says:

    So I finished True Detective, though I will save my thoughts for Sunday! Except to say this:

    I avoided watching this whenever Clancy was around mostly because I didn’t want her to be interested in it (in which case she would want me to stop watching until she could watch it with me, which means that I would end up watching it around 2016 or so…). There was an exception around the end of episode six or so, which for those of you who can’t recall is when vf jura Znegl fgnegf purngvat ba uvf jvsr ntnva, uvf jvsr svaqf bhg naq unf yhevq frk jvgu Ehff, Znegl svaqf bhg, gurl svtug, Ehff trgf chg ba cebongvba naq dhvgf, naq ba naq ba…

    The problem was that every third word was an F-bomb. I mean, the series doesn’t spare the cussing, but nowhere else in the series is everybody just tossing around that word like they’re in Major League. But that’s what Clancy saw, and she was rather curious as to whether or not I was wanting Lain to pick up the word. I kept assuring her that the rest of the series didn’t use this language with this regularity. I left out the dead naked bodies that appear elsewhere.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      I just finished episode Five. This is where we find out What Really Happened at the bust waybackwhen.

      Which, honestly, was *VERY* well done.

      The cops doing the interview have also gbyq Ehfg abg bayl gung guvf fghss vf unccravat ntnva (juvpu V’z cerggl fher jr nyy pbhyq unir thrffrq orsber unysjnl guebhtu gur svefg fubj) ohg gung ur’f gurve ahzore bar fhfcrpg. Juvpu fgevxrf zr nf njshy cbyvpr cebprqher. “Jr’er urer vagreivrjvat lbh juvyr bhe bssvpref ner frnepuvat lbhe fgbentr fcnpr, ol gur jnl” vf zhpu orggre cbyvpr cebprqher.

      Naq fb abj V’z jbaqrevat vs gur OVT ERIRNY ng gur raq bs gur fubj vf “lrnu, Ehfg qvq vg. Frnfba gjb vf URER VF JUL.”

      But I’m hoping to watch episodes six and seven tonight and eight tomorrow.

      When the sun is still out.Report

      • Avatar Will Truman says:

        Don’t decode until you’ve finished episode eight: Frnfba gjb jvyy or gnxvat cynpr va Fbhgurea Pnyvsbeavn. Jr’er qbar jvgu Znegl naq Ehff.Report

      • Avatar James Pearce says:

        Thanks, Will.

        Also don’t decode until finished:

        Gur Ovt Erirny vf gung gurer vf ab ovt erirny.

        Gung’f bar bs gur ernfbaf jul V guvax gur pevgvpf tbg vg fb jebat. Vg’f abg n GI fubj; Vg’f n ybat zbivr be n ivfhny abiry.Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        Okay. I just finished.

        I have to go to the supermarket and, along the way, I will write tomorrow’s post in my head.

        I completely misunderstood the argument that IO9 got it wrong. But we’ll get into that.Report

    • Avatar James Pearce says:

      I wish I knew what you guys were saying…..

      Does the decoder ring come with my Ovaltine?Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        Rot13 is a simple encryption. A == N, B == O, all the way down to M == Z.

        It allows people who want to discuss spoilers to do so without having to worry about someone complaining about how they were seriously intending to read Anna Karenina this weekend and how they didn’t want to know that Nikolai Dmitrievich Levin was a drunk and now the story is ruined.

        Dude! Everybody knows that he’s a drunk! THAT’S HIS ARC, PRACTICALLY. But, nope, they can’t read Anna Karenina anymore and it’s your fault.

        Anyway, rot13 allows people to say stuff like “Avxbynv Qzvgevrivpu Yriva vf n qehax.” without getting into trouble.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

        And there are extensions for many browsers (Chrome for one) that make it as simple as

        1. Highlight whatever looks like Welsh
        2. Right-click (two-finger click on Mac)
        3. Select “ROT13”Report

  6. Avatar Glyph says:

    I’m STILL a bit under the weather, but I really, really need to get out of the house. I’ve missed both a good electronic show, and a chance to go dance with a good DJ, due to this crud.

    Might go catch some live rock and roll tonight, assuming I’m not wiped.

    Also, have to get my first fillings, ever, next week. 🙁

    Oh well, I had a good cavity-free run.Report

    • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:


      I just got #28 this week. So…I hate you.Report

      • Avatar Glyph says:

        My wife practically did a dance when she learned, she’s always been annoyed that I never had any. Now I have 5.

        I’m not really sure if more frequent dentist visits would have prevented/delayed it (I haven’t been in a LONG time), or if it’s just my time; nothing lasts forever.Report

      • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

        Some people have better luck than others. I have always had a problem with cavities. My wife has only had one in the 11 years we have been together, despite the fact that my dental habits are probably better than hers and lord knows I am in there for professional cleanings more often. But I never had to have braces when I was a kid, so that’s something I guess.Report

      • Avatar Michael Cain says:

        There’s some body of medical evidence now that two different families of bacteria cause, respectively, tooth decay and periodontal disease. I’ve had like four cavities in my 60 years, although two of them had to be replaced. But I’ve fought gum disease my entire life.Report

      • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

        Most of my cavities are little bitty things, so small that I forego the novocain because the shot hurts more than the drilling. My latest fun dental twist is that my sinuses have gotten so bad that as soon as she leans the chair back my nose closes up and I spend the rest of the time feeling like I am slowly suffocating and I end up having a near-panic attack. My dentist actually told me that I might want to consider just being knocked out the next time. I seriously have to be one of the worst patients they have.Report

      • Avatar Morat20 says:

        I follow dental stuff pretty closely — I’ve always had problematic teeth, though I’ve kept it to just cavities. I’ve been really watching the new stuff they’re trying to roll out for root canals (a fun plasma bath for one) and some fun experiments with regrowing pulp, or outright trying to implant new tooth buds. (Life would be much simpler if a bad tooth could be yanked, a new bud implanted, and your only worry making sure the dang thing came in straight).

        Still, the whole “fixing a cavity” hasn’t really changed in a century. They’re still in the “eh, lop it off” category. I’ve really been watching some of the people trying to get enamel to regrow….Report

      • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

        I talk about that a lot with my dentist. When they are still scraping our teeth with metal hooks and drilling through cavities, it certainly seems like the technology is lagging far behind other medical fields. I did act as a guinea pig a few years ago. I had a laser treatment done to help with my gums. It was not fun (I couldn’t eat solids for two weeks) but it did help quite a bit.Report

  7. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    I’ve watched about half of Fargo. Love the characters; Martin Freeman is such a convincing American I spent the first half-hour being unable to place him. Still, it feels like one pound of plot in a 3-pound bagReport

    • Avatar Glyph says:

      Freeman must work like a madman. He’s been all over the place since 2000 or so.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

        And I’ve enjoyed him in all of it that I’ve seen, except the Hitchhiker’s Guide film, which was a disaster in spite of the fact that Freeman as Arthur Dent, Zooey Deschanel as Trillian, Sam Rockwell as Zaphod, and Stephen Fry as the Guide is pretty much ideal casting. It just shows what a poor script and execrable direction can accomplish.Report

  8. Avatar Will Truman says:

    So an addendum to my previous filing of the prospective weekend’s activities:

    Saturday: I honestly cannot recall.

    Sunday: Go to an open house of a house we would make an offer on Monday and buy on Tuesday.Report