Daily Archive: July 14, 2014


In Satrah, Punjab recently the esteem that had been cruelly stripped from one family was blissfully restored when Dilshad Bibi, acting with great dignity, honorably slashed open his daughter’s throat in front of a...

Orlando, Law Enforcement, the KKK, and “Post-Racial America”

Florida citizens were shocked this morning to discover that two Orlando-suburb police officers were members of the KKK. They shouldn’t have been.

Tod Kelly looks at how the cosmopolitan Florida metropolis shows us how far we still have to go with race in America.


This week, it’s Season 2, Episode 19: “Divided Loyalties”

Beyond “McCainism”

A gay blogger learns that reforming the GOP means focusing on bread and butter issues first, social issues second.

Thanksgiving in July Final Menu

Thanks to everyone for their enormous help in my dinner planning. Per the request of several of you, the final menu is after the jump.