Author: Em Carpenter

Em was one of those argumentative children who was sarcastically encouraged to become a lawyer, so she did. She is a proud life-long West Virginian, and, paradoxically, a liberal. In addition to writing about society, politics and culture, she enjoys cooking, podcasts, reading, and pretending to be a runner. She will correct your grammar. You can find her on Twitter.
Backyard Brawl 7

The Pride, the Fall, and the Backyard Brawl

“It’s just a game,” said some dude on Twitter when I mentioned I was still not quite over 13-9. He just didn’t understand the Backyard Brawl


What’s a Wordle?

Those who roll their eyes and find self-satisfaction in being Different Because They Don’t Play Wordle are missing out on a fun, free, few minutes of daily brain exercise

Supreme Court

Wednesday Writs: Mini Edition

When even Em Carpenter can’t figure out what you are saying, you are truly into some delusional law la la land.