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Daylight Saving Time 8

Weekend Plans Post: Getting My Hour Back

The first Sunday in November. That’s the official end of Daylight Saving Time, as of 2007. And, this weekend, we get our hour back. Finally.

Kingdom Come 35

Weekend Plans Post: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come came and went and there were a bunch of bands that did their best to sound like Led Zep. Hey, it’s not like Zeppelin is putting out any new albums.

Study Group 13

Weekend Plans Post: The Study Group

“I appreciate you being candid with me, Jaybird. Go talk to the Big Manager Guy…” And so now I have been put in charge of The Study Group.

In-N-Out 31

Weekend Plans: The Trip To In-N-Out Burger

Since then, I’ve learned that I went to In-N-Out incorrectly. I ordered off of the menu, you see. “You have to order off of the *SECRET* menu!”, I have since been informed

Autumn 18

Weekend Plans: The Eye of the Hurricane

So, this week will be spent gearing up to prepare for the coming autumn that will, unfortunately, look like last autumn…but with more hugs

cancelled 4

Weekend Plans: The Cancellation

We had plans for Saturday night. They have since been cancelled. But there’s this nice little “we don’t have to do anything? Anything anything?” that is hiding there in the back.

weekend 19

Weekend Plans: Frozen Novelties

Temporary relief this weekend in the hottest part of the year in between chores, errands, and laundry. For only 45 calories.