Monthly Archive: June 2014

The Reason Why AT&T Sucks is Important

The wireless behemoth serves as a great illustration of how the social benefits we attribute to our “free market system” evaporate once corporations reaches a certain size. by Tod Kelly

Big Monday 2014

Concluding the Supreme Court’s Term are Harris v. Quinn and the newly-renamed Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. Hint: both majority opinions are from Samuel Alito.

Sunday Queries: Tattoo You

Does anyone know when, why, and how tattoos became a necessary cultural signifier among a certain set of 20 and 30 somethings? Sometimes people going into their 40s. This cohort can be roughly described...


So I’m watching House and I see someone with whom I went to high school.

Sympathy For The Devil(s)

In which Will Truman weakly defends the cretin who took inappropriate pictures of Thad Cochran’s wife and men who text pictures of their penises to women.


You dug Bastion, right? You’ll dig Transistor.