Monthly Archive: December 2010


Man on the Moon

It was a good movie. I’m not going to link to it; if you want to find it, you can. The problem I have with the movie is that it wasn’t as good as...


The Art of Letting Go

Some long, rambling thoughts on what it means to be a libertarian. At least, if you’re me.


This one is for Tony Comstock

I’m gearing up to teaching my “Law And Society” (POL 203 at Mercer County Community College — there are still seats left for those in the Trenton/Princeton vicinity) course for the Spring ’11. We...


“a wholesale imperial medicalization of normality”

As someone whose therapist friends have been battling, so far bloodlessly, with diagnosis-happy psychiatrists over clients being told they have lifelong disorders following brief depressive episodes, this Wired article strikes me as pretty important. (Via Zoë Pollock)


Antitrust/Media Consolidation: A Liberaltarian’s Manifesto

Co-blogger James Hanley’s response to my bleg this morning (which I found very helpful even if it didn’t directly answer the bleg itself*) got me thinking.  James wrote, in pertinent part: The public choice...


Give Goldberg a Chance

Yesterday, Salon highlighted something “incredibly stupid” written by Jonah Goldberg in a “doozy of a syndicated column“. I’m no Goldberg scholar, so maybe it’s right that “pathetic” Goldbergian Conservatism is, “a philosophy defined entirely by opposition...


Antitrust/Media Consolidation Bleg

For some reason, I got thinking a little bit about antitrust law this afternoon, a subject on which I’m somewhat conflicted and about which my knowledge is definitely lacking.  What I’m wondering is whether...


Superbowl XLII half-time show

Tom Petty’s half-time show at Superbowl 42 is probably the best I’ve ever seen – maybe the only one I’ve ever liked at all. This is in part because Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers...


Madalyn Murray O’Hair

She was as wildly amusing as some of the religious extremists she debated. When I encounter fervent atheists on this site, I oft-feel like I am dealing with her ghost.


Quote of the Day

“We’ve all met people who invoke Ayn Rand to justify behaving like a sociopath in their personal relationships. I’d still recommend that any adolescent suffering from Catholic guilt read the passages about Hank and...


Pretentious? That’s Not Pretentious. That’s Pretentious.

In a 100 percent perfectly titled post, Patrick at Popehat (and Ann Althouse) tears asunder the nomination of Merle Haggard’s classic Okie From Muskogie for Andrew Sullivan’s poll on the “smuggest, most pretentious pop...


Aggrieved libertarians

One of my biggest quibbles with a lot of the libertarian writing I encounter is that it tends to focus so much on how terrible government is without really framing it in a larger,...


Caricatures of libertarianism again

There have been a surprising number of reactions across the bloggy-sphere to Chris Beam’s long New York Magazine piece on libertarianism. I say surprising because Beam’s piece wasn’t a particularly compelling critique of libertarian political...


The Wall Street Journal’s Darwin-Free Zone

The Bookshelf column in the Wall Street Journal yesterday (I know, ancient history in blogging time) featured an essay so typical you normally wouldn’t even notice it. Reviewing a new book entitled Fame, Toby...


History of the song

Kevin White expands on one of my favorite Christmas songs:


Waits? Waits? Don’t Tell Me!

My kids are starting to notice I’m a little different from the other dads. — Tom Waits I don’t keep up with such things, so if you’d told me Tom Waits wasn’t already in...