Daily Archive: December 24, 2010


Santa Claus’s Nested Traveling Salesman Problem

My children are eagerly watching Santa on the Norad Santa Tracker, which makes me feel good about the use of my tax dollars and Strategic Command’s ability to focus on the real threats to...


O Come, O Come Emmanuel

I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite Christmas song, but O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is way up there. A close second is Silent Night, which my three-year-old calls Silent Goodnight and sings along...


Merry Christmas

A Christmas (Game) Tree to brighten your holidays. (Via XKCD.)


Have Yourself a Merry Unitarian Christmas

Numerous articles and blogs have noted the strong case to doubt Christmas’ authentically “Christian” origins. Christ probably wasn’t born on Dec. 25. The Puritans banned the holiday because it wasn’t authentically Christian. And many...