Daily Archive: December 9, 2010


DADT fails in the Senate: Open Thread

So Reid brought DADT (as part of the Defense Authorization Bill) to a vote. It failed to 57-40 (or rather, it won 57-40 but the filibuster had its way in the end). Now Lieberman...


Learning Co-Operatives and Corner Schools

In the comments, E.C. Gach imagines a charter school I’d certainly get behind: So what if in a small community, of so many square blocks, families sent their kids to a day care instead...


Making sense of the DREAM Act

Timothy Lee has a really good post up responding to Reihan Salam on the merits of the DREAM Act and, importantly, on how the DREAM Act relies on our better virtues: The pro-DREAM argument...


Wikileaks and War; Context and Common Cause

The following is one of several short essays I wrote on Wikileaks between March and April of this year, both before and after the organization released the Afghanistan tape. This one appeared on April...


Wikileaks and the Tea Party

One side effect of the Wikileaks controversy is how it’s fracturing the Tea Party movement. On the one hand, Ron Paul recently tweeted his support for Wikileaks: Re: Wikileaks – In a free society,...


Trading Off Security for (Relative) Privacy

The issue of the new airport security requirements is still rolling around in my mind. I left Michael Heath with the final word on my prior post, as we were, to a large degree,...

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