Daily Archive: December 2, 2010

The Future of Screen Technology

This is neat, but I’m so paranoid that I immediately started thinking about all the privacy implications, which sort of colors my viewing in an unfortunate way. There’s a lot of very graceful and...

The Project PM Schematic

I have mentioned in passing my distributed think-tank Project PM which I founded a year ago in order to fulfill a narrow function but which has since expanded in intent quite a bit. Last...

Birth of a Nation

I encourage everyone to read this fantastic New York Times article on how competing regional and ethnic mythologies contributed to The Civil War. No surprise here: The Yankees started it!

Defending Basketball Mysticism

I know I should be talking about Four Loko or Thomas Friedman’s latest column on the horrors of deliberative democracy, but the start of a really compelling NBA season demands some sports blogging. Despite...


Today I clicked the unsubscribe link on an email from an academic products company and got the following incongruous message: Thank you for your interest. You are now unsubscribed.


Call me a cynic, but I don’t see WikiLeaks changing much – for better or worse – about the way the government both classifies information and conducts diplomacy. But until the noise subsides, it...

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