Daily Archive: December 22, 2010


Captain Robert Smalls, Bona Fide Hero

It’s largely becoming cliche to say this, but Ta-Nahesi Coates’ continued blogging on the Civil War justifies the existence of the blogosphere.  Today, seeking to reinforce his long-held argument that the aspects and persons...


Science On The March!

This just in: Lee Harvey Oswald’s Grassy Knoll accomplice in JFK assassination was probably an Amazonian native.


Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

“When we come to Machiavelli we reach the spirit of the Renaissance, and begin to find law itself questioned…And true enough there soon came the State, as a sort of anti-Christ, to wage war...


We Need a Better News Media, Part 1,987,364

[UPDATE: Two commenters take issue with my characterization and interpretation of this quote, suggesting that it should be interpreted as “freed from the speaker’s ceremonial duties and from the speaker’s duties in crafting a...