Daily Archive: December 7, 2010


Little Match Girl Passion.

What I like most about the An die Musik performance space in Baltimore is the low stage, which to me represents the basic spirit of the place. It’s no more than two feet high,...


On Consumerism, Living the Dream, and Hope

by Tony Comstock “Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing poorly.” — Lon McQuillan Bob Wise is a sailor, boat-builder, and filmmaker. He’s also my friend and where film and sailing are concerned, my...


Question for readers

If the publisher of a small website dedicated to the dissemination of the state-secrets of the Chinese government were operating their publishing outfit out of the United States and published a bunch of leaked...


Go Ducks!

There are all kinds of good arguments against living vicariously through the success or failure of one’s favorite sports teams, and I agree with most of them. Nevertheless, I like sports more than I...

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