Daily Archive: December 10, 2010


Wikileaks on The Wire

I suppose I’ve been noticeable by my general absence on the Wikileaks brouhaha over the last week.  Much of that has had to do with real life priorities, but some of it has simply...


The Decade In Review

2000 (UN International Year for Declaring Peace Is Better Than War) – Stunned by the near collapse of civilization caused by the Y2K disaster, the dot.com bubble bursts, as millions of investors lose billions...


Anonymous and the Inevitable Fall of the Nation-State

A number of people have been linking to the following essay over the past couple of days, which provides additional information on Anonymous as well as an examination of what the organization  represents if...



Mike Farmer writes: One of the the things I like about the concept of Wikileaks is having organizations dedicated to preventing propaganda, keeping the State on its toes knowing that someone is watching. I...

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