Daily Archive: December 11, 2010


Should We Thank Pornographers?

Economist Steve Horwitz kindly pointed to a great little article of his on futurism. I can’t find a thing in it with which I disagree. He writes: But even there it took years for...


Tough Crowd

Over the last few days I have been trying to make the case for Wikileaks, Anonymous, civil disobedience, and the primacy of conscience over nationalism. This effort has met with mixed results. I’m honestly surprised...


Answer to Heidegger

Heidegger asks: Would you be willing to go the record as one who categorically accepts civil, legal, recognition of same-sex marriage, and allowing churches to decide on their own whether or not to accept...



The last few hundred years have seen dramatic advances in scientific and technological developments. Yet, when we imagine a future 30 plus years away, we tend to “see” scientific advances arriving prematurely. Folks in...


The Porcaro Bros.

I like them better with Boz Scaggs than Toto (though the latter has its moments; Steve Lukather is a smokin’ guitarist).