Daily Archive: October 15, 2010

A failure of institutions ctd.

Commenter Sam M. writes, in response to my last post: But isn’t the full implication of this diconcerting to a lot of people? To affect this change, I think it presupposes that you accept that...

Wes Anderson: The College Years

The New York Times digs up Anderson and Owen Wilson’s contributions to Analecta, UT’s student literary magazine.

A failure of institutions

Ta-Nehisi Coates bumps a comment from commenter Sorn into a full-post. It’s well worth the read. Sorn talks about his experience in the military, how it first gave him a sense of what was...

Pentagon: We’ll Stop Enforcing DADT

All branches of the U.S. Armed Forces will stop enforcing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell pending the outcome of the Obama administration’s appeal. It’s an admirable testimony to the respect our society has for courts...

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