Daily Archive: October 18, 2010

National Review Gives Up, Tries Magic

I’d like to begin here by asking everyone to note that National Review has today put up an article by a certain Joel Rosenberg, who is presented as an expert on the Middle East. This is a wonderful coincidence, as I happen to know a few interesting things about Rosenberg. For instance, he claims to have predicted the last decade of Middle Eastern affairs by interpreting the Book of Ezekiel and other items of ancient Hebrew prophecy.

Question for Supporters of the Individual Mandate

Can I just get an admission that this makes the so-called individual mandate look pretty ridiculous? The individual mandate – that is, the affirmative requirement that all people must purchase health insurance from a...

Why we’re stuck with the War on Terror

Prompted by this entry from Greenwald, Erik and Tim Kowal kicked off a Gmail debate about why there’s such a startling degree of continuity between the Obama and Bush Administration’s counter-terror policies. The answer...

Damon Linker is not a pluralist

To pull a page from his own writing, Damon Linker isn’t just wrong; his wrongness is a threat to American democracy.