Daily Archive: October 28, 2010


How to Feed a Troll

Ordinarily, “Don’t Feed the Trolls” is impeccable advice.  Ordinary standards, however, do not apply to Radley Balko, whose course on Advanced Troll Feeding should be a prerequisite for graduation from Blogger University. (Via Transplanted...


Everybody loves Cheerios

I’m always drawn to these kinds of studies, even though they’re never really insightful. This one mainly backs up what everyone already knows about geography and age demographics among partisans (is it really any...


Good to Know Someone Still Puts Civil Liberties First

Former Republican congressman, subsequent convert to libertarianism, controversial 2008 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, and proud Tea Partier, Bob Barr endorses Sen. Russ Feingold, one of the most liberal members of the Senate but also an...


Blaming Citizens United for Everything

UPDATED:I made a significant mistake in the original version of this post, which has now been corrected as noted below.  I do not believe the correction affects the point of the post, though. Over...


The Bathtub Gin of Cannabis

When a fairly safe drug becomes illegal, other things often step in to fill the gap. Sometimes, they’re a lot less safe. We all know that alcohol prohibition led to bathtub gin, a substitute...


Quote of the Day

The Texas Supreme Court cites Star Trek (and, well, Dickens):


Conrad Black on the War on Drugs (and Rupert Murdoch)

Writing at National Review, Conrad Black has many disparaging things to say about the War on Drugs and about the prohibition of marijuana specifically. For example: For blacks, the chances of being arrested and...


One more reason to ban privatized prisons

NPR has an extraordinary scoop on the birth of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 illegal immigration law: Last year, two men showed up in Benson, Ariz., a small desert town 60 miles from the Mexico...


Why Chuck Should Start a (Local) Tea Party

This video – via Radley Balko’s digs – is a good illustration of the many job-destroying, prosperity-hampering, mind-boggling regulations that various local governments have in place which make it harder for you and me...


The Rational Irrational Voter

Yesterday, guestblogger E.C. Gach asked: So the question I leave to you is, are Americans driven to crappy prime time sitcoms to escape the mess that is our national politics, or is our national...